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Independent Community Living Australia is a community organisation established in 1987 and is an Australian company limited by guarantee.

We manage a number of residential services, providing long-term, secure and affordable accommodation and support services for people who have psychiatric and other disabilities.

Our residential support services are funded through the NSW Department of Health and the Department of Human Services NSW (Ageing, Disability and Home Care).

ICLA believes that each of our residential clients has the right to the best care and support possible, that services are delivered in a safe and secure environment and that we are guided by the best principles of rehabilitation and recovery.


At ICLA we work together with our clients to ensure all client values are achieved and that each of our residential clients are empowered to build independent lives in a happy and healthy environment. We:

  • Provide specialised support services tailored to each client’s requirements and flexible programs to assist clients in their day to day living and involvement in the community
  • Promote acceptance, interaction and participation of clients within their wider community
  • Assist clients to reach their full potential
  • Continue to enhance our service levels and quality of care
  • Continually review and research methods to find new improvements for the benefit of our clients


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